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Kendra Troschel 

Next Exhibitions:

Solo Exhibition- Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg 2023 - 03 June 2023 

Amsterdam International Art Fair - TBA

Oxford International Art Fair - October 2023

Pashmin Art Gallery Beijing 2022 - date TBA

Art Beijing 2022 - date TBA

Archive Museum Beijing - date TBA

America (NY or Miami) 2023 - date TBA

Previous Exhibitions

Valentine Exhibition at Pashmin Art Gallery- Hamburg, Germany, 2022

Fabula Exhibition at The Holy Art Gallery- London, United Kingdom, 2022

From 1900 to 2019: Swiss Impressionism to Contemporary art- Chongqing China, 2020

Kendra Troschel:

Oxford-based Kendra Troschel is a third generation Artist who employs an aspect of automatism in her art, letting her subconscious fill in the gaps. She pushes and pulls on the line of abstract and realism to bring dream like scenes alive. 

Pashmin Artist:


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